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Hi Lance,
yep you sure do... but either use the SSL capabilities on the Mysql 4.x 
library (if you're brave - its still in alpha) or use 
SSH/stunnel/zebedee/your favourite encrypted tunnel device... to do the 
remote connection.

In true modern architectural style you can also have snort,mysql,acid all 
on different systems :}.. we run it with the primary mysql database on a 
separate system, but we replicate teh database around the globe for our 
regional sites...

and no the package from sunfreeware doesn't have the headers :{... if 
you're willing to trust me I can pop my mysql-client package up on my 
website - it does have the headers etc..



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I'm attempting to build and use Snort+Acid, however
acid is on a different remote system.  When I attempt
to build snort, do I have to still compile it with the
mysql option?

Does this mean that when I do the build, on the build
system mysql has to be installed so the build can find
all the headers, even though Acid is on a different

I've got a feeling the answer to this is yes, just
want to make sure.  And if so, will the following
from www.sunfreeware.com work on Solaris8 Sparc?



Lance Spitzner

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