[Snort-users] Problems Logging to database

Dan McIntosh d.mcintosh at ...3338...
Tue Nov 6 01:02:10 EST 2001

I can't seem to get Snort log to a database (Snort 1.8.2, RedHat 7.2).

Is there some way to confirm that the database plug-in is installed

Here is the command from init.d:

   case "$1" in
   echo -n "Starting snort: "
   cd /var/log/snort
 > daemon /usr/sbin/snort-mysql -b -A fast -d -D \
 > -i $INTERFACE -c /etc/snort/snort.conf
   touch /var/lock/subsys/snort

Here is the database line from snort.conf:

   output database: log, mysql, dbname=snort

The database "snort" was created with the create_mysql script and I set the
permissions to any (Anonymous) user.

"snort-mmdd at ...4010..." files are being created in /var/log/snort, but nothing
is going to the database.

Any ideas??

 ..Thanks, Dan

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