[Snort-users] OpenBSD Install PKG?

Brian bmc at ...950...
Mon Nov 5 04:35:02 EST 2001

According to Charles Schiele:
> I'm very new to this list (like last night) so I apologize if I'm repeating
> a common topic.  I am trying to get SNORT installed on my OpenBSD 2.9
> machine (previously successful on Linux)... so far have all the requisite
> packages installed, and should be ready to go.  Downloaded the latest
> "snort-1.8.2-openbsd-pkg.gz" and, assuming it is in PKG format, I do the
> standard pkg_add "snort-etc..." and it tells me "can't find package
> 'snort-1.8.2-openbsd-pkg.gz'"!  I even tried to explicitly type the path to
> it etc... verifying that it's right... and no go.  I can't seem to unarchive
> it in any way I know how either.  Can't find any other OpenBSD versions to
> use, and I don't have any compilers installed for security reasons...

pkg_add /path/to/snort-1.8.2-openbsd-pkg.tgz

You might need to rename it to end in .tgz (my mistake)

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