[Snort-users] RE: [Snort-devel] Snort 1.8.2 released

Chris Green cmg at ...671...
Sun Nov 4 14:19:02 EST 2001

pmawson at ...3995... writes:

> Hi All
> Does anyone know where I can find a snort 1.8.2 binary distribution with
> MySQL support compiled?
> Phill

Since you didn't specify a platform, I'll assume you meant Linux.

For redhat 7.2, http://www.snort.org/downloads.html

http://www.snort.org/releases/snort-1.8.2-1snort.i386.rpm which
contains most of the stuff 

and http://www.snort.org/releases/snort-mysql-1.8.2-1snort.i386.rpm
which contains the binary for mysql support.
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