[Snort-users] OpenBSD Install PKG?

Charles Schiele cbschiele at ...3991...
Sat Nov 3 08:46:02 EST 2001


I'm very new to this list (like last night) so I apologize if I'm repeating
a common topic.  I am trying to get SNORT installed on my OpenBSD 2.9
machine (previously successful on Linux)... so far have all the requisite
packages installed, and should be ready to go.  Downloaded the latest
"snort-1.8.2-openbsd-pkg.gz" and, assuming it is in PKG format, I do the
standard pkg_add "snort-etc..." and it tells me "can't find package
'snort-1.8.2-openbsd-pkg.gz'"!  I even tried to explicitly type the path to
it etc... verifying that it's right... and no go.  I can't seem to unarchive
it in any way I know how either.  Can't find any other OpenBSD versions to
use, and I don't have any compilers installed for security reasons...

Any ideas?  I don't think I'm fat-fingering anything, but ya never know...
Thanks in advance

-Charles Schiele

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