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Fri Nov 2 10:04:09 EST 2001

Good idea.  Added.

Any other tuning tips?  Anyone?


On Fri, 2 Nov 2001, Steve Halligan wrote:

> ---------------ACID FAQ------------------
> Q:  Acid is reeeeeaaaaaalllly slow opening pages/deleting || archiving
> alerts, what can I do?
> A:    1)  Update to the newest version of ADODB which can be found at
> http://php.weblogs.com/adodb
>       2)  Turn off auto-updating of the event cache. (See C-7 of this FAQ)
>       3)  Try switching from a standard to a persistant database 
> connection (or vice-versa).  See the db_connect_method varible in
> acid_conf.php.
>       4)  If you are running PostgreSQL or MySQL follow the optimization
> steps in sections B-9 and B-10 of this FAQ.
>       5)  If you are running MySQL and have lots of RAM, check out the
> "Tuning Server Parameters" section of the MySQL documentation at
> http://www.mysql.com/doc/S/e/Server_parameters.html.  For those of us with
> short attention spans, try starting MySql (or edit the safemysqld script)
> with the following command line:
>               shell> safe_mysqld -O key_buffer=64M -O table_cache=256 -O
> sort_buffer=4M -O record_buffer=1M &
>       6)  If you are running PostgreSQL, check out
> http://www.ca.postgresql.org/docs/momjian/hw_performance/ for hints on
> hardware/server config optimization.
> ---------------ACID FAQ------------------

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