[Snort-users] Re: [Snort-devel] Snort 1.8-RELEASE (Build 43) - Segmentation fault

Tomi Tuominen Tomi.Tuominen at ...2940...
Fri Nov 2 07:30:20 EST 2001


Unfortunately snort does not produce core dump - no matter what settings 
I have for ulimit. I will upgrade the kernel and see if the problem goes 


Martin Roesch wrote:

> Ok.  Can you get us a backtrace?  I'd be interested to hear if upgrading
> to kernel 2.4.10+ makes the problem go away too, I was reading today
> about how the VM in Linux up to 2.4.9 had some serious problems.  If you
> could get us a backtrace, that'd be cool, see the BUGS file for how to
> generate one.  You should also check out the latest release of Snort at
> www.snort.org, check for snort-current.tar.gz on the downloads page.
>      -Marty
> Tomi Tuominen wrote:
>>First I was running snort in daemon mode but soon noticed that the
>>daemon mysteriously stopped working after some time. This 'some time'
>>could be anything from 15 minutes to 2 days. I got suspicious and and
>>started running snort without -D switch. This time it took about day and
>>a half before snort suddenly segfaulted.
>>I checked all my logs but the only thing which might have something to
>>do with this was that alert log contained multiple 'WEB-IIS cmd.exe
>>access' just before segfault.

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