[Snort-users] 2 bugs in ACID v0.9.6b17

Erik Melander Emelander at ...3910...
Thu Nov 1 20:46:41 EST 2001

The link I follow from ACID to snort.org does not
I get the error these are not the pages you are looking for.
If it is the case that snort.org is more recent, then I guess
ACID should not point to portsdb.org anymore :)

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Subject: Re: [Snort-users] 2 bugs in ACID v0.9.6b17

According to Erik Melander:
> The second bug relates to a link that points to the ports database:
> On the main screen, click on the percentage of total traffic link for
any of
> the traffic types.  After the first page of data is displayed, click
on any
> one of the several ID number links.  The information displayed should
> broken down into the 4 different search criteria: meta, IP, TCP, and
> payload.  In the TCP section, click on either the source or
destination port
> link.  These currently point to http://www.snort.org whereas I believe
> should be pointing to http://www.portsdb.org/.  The
> variable defined in my acid_conf.php file is set to
> http://www.portsdb.org/bin/portsdb.cgi?portnumber=.  I can follow the
> and destination port link to http://www.portsdb.org on every other
page but
> this type.

Why portsdb.org?  They don't actively update their database AFAICT.  
We do.


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