[Snort-users] HOME_NET and EXTERNAL_NET variables

Tim Kramer kramert at ...3975...
Thu Nov 1 11:41:13 EST 2001

I'm a total newbie at this also but, in reading the docs, would
take a wild guess and suggest putting your networks in brackets
such as [,,] when defining
$HOME_NET.  You can then use the variable in your rules as in

alert tcp any any -> $HOME_NET 25 (.........

when watching for mail coming into you networks.  

- Tim

On Thu, 2001-11-01 at 13:59, Merrick, Gary wrote:
> Yes, this is a total newbie question, but I figured this is the right
> place to ask it.  What is the purpose of the HOME_NET and EXTERNAL_NET
> variables that are defined in snort.conf?  Does it change the formatting
> of the alerts?  Or perhaps turn off the scanning of packets originating
> from an internal network?  Or something else?
> I would imagine this would be a fairly straightforward process to define
> them if one had an extremely simple network architecture.  But my
> ultimate aim is to be able to monitor 3 or 4 networks.  In such a case,
> what is considered "home" and what is "external"?
> Any guidance would be much appreciated.
> Gary
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