[Snort-users] [Newbie] Promiscuous Mode

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If someone compromised your snort machine, they would be able to see all the
same traffic that Snort sees (of course).  This would be a very "Bad Thing"
(tm, Erek Adams, 2001).

It is _critical_ to properly secure your Snort machine - see the FAQ for
information on setting up a stealth interface, or an interface with no IP
address.  A wealth of helpful resources are available in the SANS GIAC
practicals at http://www.sans.org/giactc.htm.

-Joshua Wright
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Johnson & Wales University
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if I run snort on an external interface attached to 
bad world out there :-) isn't this interface
set into promisuous mode, so that an
bad guy may read all the data passing
on that interface?

Thanks Tom

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