[Snort-users] What does lightweight mean?

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The term "lightweight" is referring to the minimal resources used by Snort,
whilst a common misconception the term does not reflect Snorts performance
as an IDS.

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> I have been considering Snort as an IDS for our organization, but several
> people have tried to steer me away because Snort is described as
> 'lightweight.' What does the term lightweight mean or imply? Does it mean
> can only handle light network traffic streams, or does it mean it is light
> in terms of needed resources? Or is it something else entirely? Any
> are welcome.
> Also, I am currently running snort in the tcpdump file read mode, reading
> the files that our Shadow IDS created. Shadow only records the first 68
> bytes of each packet in the tcpdump log file. Is this enough packet data
> the Snort rules? Or will Snort work better with more or the entire packet?
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