[Snort-users] Some assistance with Snort?

steve luckysnutt at ...530...
Sun May 27 21:50:41 EDT 2001

Thanks for your help!
Problem is now solved after scouring the internet for snort installation and
information I was able to finally find some help at www.securityfocus.com .
Check it out! Has two good articles about snort insulation and usage for a
snortnewbie like myself.

Steve N

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Some assistance with Snort?

I have downloaded snort, but when I start with
 "/ect/rc.d/init.d/snort start"
I get: No such file or directory snort.

When I check to see if it started correctly with
"/ect/rc.d/init.d/snort status"
I get: snort dead but subsys locked

What should I do? Any suggestions?

Steve N.

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