[Snort-users] SIGHUP results in exit(1)

Keith Woodworth kwoody at ...2020...
Sat May 26 18:14:32 EDT 2001

Out of curiosity what OS are you running?
I see sort of the same behaviour under FreeBSD 4.2.


On Sat, 26 May 2001, Thomas Linden wrote:

|+Received SIGHUP. Restarting
|+Restarting /usr/local/bin/snort failed
|+yes, I've read the manpage which says, that this may happen if snort was
|+started in daemon-mode without full pathname to the program invokation.
|+But, this is, how I start snort:
|+/usr/local/bin/snort -i eth0 -u 1 -t /var/log/snort.d -c /etc/snort.conf
|+-d -D -p -P 4096 -v -l /
|+As you can see, I _use_ a full pathname. And I tried it also without the
|+-D flag, and it died too.
|+I use snort version version 1.7

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