[Snort-users] ICMP logs

jan at ...1739... jan at ...1739...
Fri May 25 10:49:59 EDT 2001

Oh well...

I've tried to write a pass rule for ICMP type 3 code 3 from my
border router to my firewall. 

It looks like this:

pass icmp my.border.router/32 any -> my.fire.wall/32 any

Snort doesn't complain and starts nicely, but keeps logging
them, although I DID specify -o. 

Version's 1.7, Platform FreeBSD 4.2 STABLE. 

Any suggestions? Drives me mad. 

Cheers, Jan

Radio HUNDERT,6 Medien GmbH Berlin
- EDV -
j.muenther at ...206...

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