[Snort-users] Re: [Snort-devel] classification changes

Joe McAlerney joey at ...47...
Wed May 23 19:49:07 EDT 2001

Brian Caswell wrote:
> We are going to change the classification for the Snort.org ruleset.
> Sorry IDWG guys, your classifications.  The IDWG classifications are
> just not viable.  I tried.  Its really bad.

Just for everyone's information, this has been a concern in the IDWG for
some time.  Some of the points you brought up have been circling around
the IDWG mailing list and meetings for a while now.  See the following


Ultimately, a decision was made at the last IETF meeting in March.  The
meeting minutes sum it up rather well.

	Issue: Should a standard list of "impact" values be specified?
	Resolution: No.

So, this will be updated in the next draft and IDMEF DTD.  It's strange
that this got brought up at this time, because I was going to add IDWG
impact value support in the IDMEF XML plugin today.  I'll sit on that
until the draft is finished.

-Joe M.

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