[Snort-users] New version of vim syntax file for snort configuration and rules files

Phil Wood cpw at ...440...
Wed May 23 19:12:06 EDT 2001


I've updated the hog.vim once again.  This time it should be ready for
version 6.0 of vim.  Also, the wheels are in motion to get it installed
as yet one more syntax file in to the official release of vim.

The new version of hog.vim is 1.6 and can be found (and explained) at:


If you just want the new file itself:

  wget http://home.lanl.gov/cpw/vim/syntax/hog.vim

I've yet to get a request to fix something, which has always made me wonder
if it is being used.  (No, I don't have snort watching for probes to my
url).  So, if you notice a problem, let me know.


Phil - cpw at ...440...

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