[Snort-users] ARP mangling:

Terry Rankin trankin at ...2080...
Tue May 22 13:35:59 EDT 2001


I've been using Snort v1.7 on NT4 successfully for a few weeks on several
networks with only one problem - all layer 3 info in ARP requests/replies
appears to be getting mangled between reception and logging. The symptoms
are as follows: 

1.  the target IP of the ARP request is always
2.  the sending IP of the ARP request varies, but about 75% claim to be from To date, the last two octets are always 217.0.
3.  no 'actual' ARP request layer 3 info is ever recorded to the log file -
just the butchered info.
4.  the ARP replies contain genuine layer 2 addresses. 

  ARP who-has tell
  ARP who-has tell
  ARP who-has tell
  05/21-12:15:05.144373 ARP reply is-at 0:10:5A:XX:YY:ZZ.

I've searched the obvious places for answers without any joy. I would be
extremely grateful for further information.



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