[Snort-users] [ACID] errors on win32 install

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Tue May 22 08:59:01 EDT 2001

These are "warning" messages generated by the PHP engine
and will appear regardless of the host OS. Mostly
likely you have the sensitivity of debugging (in PHP) turned
on to the maximum. Examine the setting of the variable
"error_reporting" in your php.ini config file. Verify that
E_NOTICE is not set (you probably want to have
 ~E_NOTICE). These messages won't affect functionality,
 but are visually annoying.  They are the artifact of "unclean"
code practices and with the next code clean-up most
 of these will be eliminated.


> I have been using snort with out db support for sometime now, however, when
> I saw Michael Steele's article on Installing Snort on a Win2k System, I
> thought I'd give it a try.  Everything seemed to go well, and snort is
> logging to the mysql db.  However, when ever I load ACID in a browser, I get
> several of the following errors:
> Warning: Undefined offset: 10 in ..path\acid_db.inc on line 173
> Warning: Undefined variable: sig in ..path\acid_pkt_form.php on line 62-530
> Not sure what I am missing, or doing wrong.  I have checked the archives,
> and didn't find anything similar.  This is happening on more than one win2k
> system that I have setup as such.  Any help would be appreciated.
> Misc:
> Snort 1.7 MySQL Win32 Static
> PHP 4.05
> MySQL 3.23.38
> ADODB 1.11
> ACID 0.9.6b9
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