[Snort-users] TCP Reset

michael.porter at ...1284... michael.porter at ...1284...
Sun May 20 13:11:47 EDT 2001

>>Can the RST packet from Snort -which comes after the attack packet(s) 
>>actually nullify the effect of the payload? Doesn't the server socket 
>>pass the payload to the application, before it handles the reset? Or am 
>>getting something wrong here? Has anybody actually succeeded RST-ing a 

>The question is...how large is the buffer? It's a race. If the buffer is 
>large enough (spanning multiple packets), the RST has the potential of 
>occuring before the actual overflow occurs. 

This is interesting: if it's a race between the attacker and the IDS, then 
I guess the packet size is what counts. Since packets of size 1500 bytes 
are not uncommon, I guess few buffer overflows will be effectively 'killed' 
by the RST. Is this also an argument against using the IDS as an 'active 
direct response' to attacks?

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