[Snort-users] TCP Reset

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Sun May 20 09:57:26 EDT 2001

Two follow-up questions on the effectiveness of TCP Reset.

In an earlier mail John Lampe wrote:
>It's useless (in some instances, more than useless) against SYN-floods,

Do you mean that TCP Reset can actually cause potential damage during some 
SYN Floods? Could you explain?

	>>can it actually prevent the buffer overflow? 
>Yes, as long as the snort engine can note the signature (shellcode, NOP's,
>whatever) and RST the connection before the payload has been delivered. 

Can the RST packet from Snort -which comes after the attack packet(s) - 
actually nullify the effect of the payload? Doesn't the server socket pass 
the payload to the application, before it handles the reset? Or am I getting 
something wrong here? Has anybody actually succeeded RST-ing a buffer overflow?



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