[Snort-users] Memory leaks

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Thu May 17 09:37:28 EDT 2001

Snort does indeed support debugging memory libraries such
as efence.  However in this case, efence won't help us since
this library only does fence-posting; checking for code which
overruns the boundary of a malloc, or code which attempts
to use memory which has been free-d (note: I definitely swear
by efence; it is so useful!).  As far as I can tell, the
central issue we are encountering is memory which is not
de-allocated.  Those, memleak checking libraries are not always
a panecea.  I've tried dmalloc with the Snort code, and it
would flag me on code which calloc()s, but does not free the
associated memory in the _same_ function.

Anyone have experience with any checker which might be
better? or perhaps a guru who can tweak dmalloc?


> I noticed that there are many problems related to memory leaks -- does snort
> already support ElectricFence or other free memleak checkers during build?
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