[Snort-users] OT: Traffic monitoring?

Peter Bates peter.bates at ...79...
Wed May 16 12:06:43 EDT 2001

Hello all...

I've been happily snorting away now for months,
but have recently been concerned that my system
(for one reason or another) is not incredibly loaded...

Because of this, I wondered if I could turn my snort box
(just running 1.7, on tweaked RH Linux 6.2, and uploading
to the ARIS system hourly) to a spot of 'traffic monitoring'...

At present using port mirroring I've got all my external
traffic passing by eth1 and being snorted... does anyone
know or recommend any programme/system to do some degree
of top hosts/most popular port sort of analysis?

I've got assorted lists, ntop, trafshow, etc. etc.
but I wondered if anyone out there was pressing
an (under-abused) snort box toward another task?


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