[Snort-users] Snort 1.7 and Acid 0.9.6b9 and MySQL 3.23.32

Chris Schuler cschuler at ...1139...
Wed May 16 08:19:11 EDT 2001

I am using Snort 1.7 and ACID 0.9.6b9 with mysql 3.23.32 on a dual 733 w/
256 mb Ram on a RH 7.0 machine.

When using ACID, any query (today's unique alerts, etc) would take about
10-15 secs for a complete response (~15 unique alerts, nothing huge) and
full info on the page.  When I go to delete ..say 70,000 records out of
about 300,000 the php script times out (30 secs execution timeout)  I was
talking to a friend who runs snort on a similar box and he was explaining
that hes deleted 100,000+ records w/o any timeout errors, and the overall
operation of acid and its queries is very responsive.  I am assuming he is
running similar versions of the os/snort/and acid (almost positive) (note:
the cpu utilization all most peaks for the mysql process during this query)

..any ideas?


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