[Snort-users] 'FSM compilation failed'

Robert van der Meulen rvdm at ...1015...
Tue May 15 14:52:42 EDT 2001


I'm packaging the debian package for snort, and one of its users has been
having some trouble running it. I have been looking into the problem, but
can't seem to find its cause, so maybe someone on the list has seen this
before, or knows what's causing it?
After starting snort:

Apr 24 16:34:09 catbox snort: ERROR: OpenPcap() FSM compilation failed:  
^Iillegal char 'n'
Apr 24 16:34:09 catbox snort: PCAP command: n

And snort dies.
The version i'm packaging is the stable 1.7, no patches - compiled against
libpcap 0.6.2., running on a linux 2.4.2 i686 intel box.
I have not been able to reproduce any of this.. Any clues? Is this something
i can fix ? As I only recieved one report about this problem, i'm tempted
to say there's something wrong with <something> on this box, but i'd like to
be sure before closing the bug and calling it a day..

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