[Snort-users] Remote location

H D Moore hdm at ...1714...
Tue May 15 12:11:44 EDT 2001

I force Apache to authenticate via Client certificates, restrict to a 
specific source address, and require a username/password combo for access to 
the ACID interface.  For SSH access, disable password authorization, copy 
your public key to the system, restrict access to only specific hosts, and 
change the default port to something random.  Disable all other services and 
maybe add some ipchains rules for kicks.


On Tuesday 15 May 2001 10:26 am, Dan Fiorito wrote:
> Good day to all,
> I have a remote location that has for some reason gained the attention of
> some undesirable entity via the Net. Does anyone have a suggestion on how
> to securely manage Snort/Acid remotely.

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