[Snort-users] Syslog and SMB popup at the same time?

Jihoon Chung jhchung at ...2025...
Mon May 14 03:12:24 EDT 2001

I'm using snort 1.7 .

I was wondering if logging thru syslog AND sending alerts to WinPopup at
the same time is not possible ? 
Because I couldn't do it.

When I put "output alert_syslog: XXXX" in snort.conf , snort logs thru
syslog fine.  But the minute I turn on the SMB popup feature ( by '-M
smb_hosts_file' option )  I don't see any alerts in syslog , ( I get
alert mesg only thru WinPopup in this case.)  

How can I enable both? 
Or is it not possible at all?

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