[Snort-users] Snort 1.8-beta4 Build 17 coredump

Steve Shockley steve.shockley at ...1658...
Fri May 11 22:21:38 EDT 2001

> What command line switches and what OS are you running on?  
> Did you do a 'make distclean && ./configure && make' when you 
> updated your code?

No command line switches, on OpenBSD 2.9-snapshot (5/10/01) with default
snort.conf and rules in current directory, running as root.  I had
previously done a 'make clean' instead of 'make distclean', I tried your
suggestion (plus make install) and no joy, it still crashes.  It starts
and runs for a few minutes, and then dumps core.  I can usually
duplicate it by starting Snort and running grc.com's "port probe" app.
If I disable syslog in snort.conf Snort runs fine.

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