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Thu May 10 15:02:21 EDT 2001

I did some checking on Snort behavior when the DB server dies:

Snort 1.7: alerts dropped
Snort 1.8: alert dropped, Snort issues FatalError(), quits

In either case, the behavior is incorrect.  The fact that 1.8 quits
instead of merely dropping (ala 1.7) is immaterial since neither version
will cache dropped alerts.  Thus, without caching there is no
reason to even keep the sensor up, since no logging is occuring
(unless you have other logging mechanisms other than 
the DB-plugin).

I believe that the correct action is to attempt a re-connect
to the DB when Snort detects a disconnect (i.e. when either
the Select() or Insert() fails with the appropriate error code, call 
Connect() again, if this fails only then FatalError() ).


> Hello,
> When the sensor got a connection to the postmaster (postgres) and if the
> postmaster goes down, the sensor will stop. 
> Is there anyway to keep the sensor up and when the connection are coming
> back of the postmaster ? like a keepalive and reconnect...
> Thanks
> alx
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