[Snort-users] snortsnarf

Aaron McKinnon aaron at ...1376...
Wed May 9 15:58:15 EDT 2001

SnortSnarf has been running great for a while now. So I added the -ldir and
used fix_perms.pl in my cron job to dynamically fix the perms in
/var/log/snort - all was well. Now all of the sudden I am getting about a
hundred of these:

Use of uninitialized value at include/SnortSnarf/HTMLOutput.pm line 1149,
<ifh001> chunk 9.

The "line" varies between 1140 and 1154. Those portions of that script are:

<Start Line 1149:>
} elsif ($sport >= $dport) {
        $ip= $src;
    } else {
        $ip= $dest;
    if ($sport >= $dport) {
        $port1= $sport;
        $port2= $dport;
    } else {
        $port1= $dport;
        $port2= $sport;

If I remove the -ldir portion it works fine... Ideas?

Aaron McKinnon
System Administrator
Fullerene Productions, Inc.
3250 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 2000
Los Angeles, CA 90010

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