[Snort-users] Whad'ya do?

Dave.Hampel at ...1919... Dave.Hampel at ...1919...
Tue May 8 17:20:58 EDT 2001

Hi all:

I was wondering..... I monitor my firewall logs and I get messages from
Snort saying someone is scanning my network using FTP or SunRPC source port
(etc.) Great. Works as advertised. BUT what do you DO about it.
Has anyone taken measures to actually stop or report these a*holes that are
wasting bandwidth?
This might have been asked (and even answered) before but I would love to
see what y'all do to these perps. It just seems that it is happening all too
frequently lately. There must have been a recent release that any bone head
can get his hands on to let him/her - I'm not sexist -  scan the network at


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