[Snort-users] ACID Error -- no snort.signature table

Jeffrey W. Collyer jwc3f at ...1995...
Tue May 8 09:09:32 EDT 2001

I just added ACID to my snort configuration, and I'm very impressed, great job

I do get one error and I have several questions about ACID setup, though.

- On the acid_main.php page I get "Database ERROR:Table 'snort.signature'
doesn't exist"
I'm using snort 1.7 from snort.org, and ACID 0.96b8.  Everything else seems to
be ok in the logging/querying, but I know I'm missing a table.

- I don't get a graph of "Traffic Profile by Protocol" which I guess means that
PHPlot is not properly installed.  It was super unclear how to install PHPlot
from either the PHPlot web site or the ACID docs.  Any hints.

- If ACID works better with Snort 1.8, how can I get the beta code off of
sourceforge.  I tried the snort-daily.tar.gz link from an earlier thread, but
it didn't work.

- is there a way to turn off snort's logging to /var/log/snort/*, and only have
it log to the database?  I imagine this would speed it up a bit, and allow it
handle a bit more traffic.  Also it would be good for diskless snort sensor
boxes booting off floppy or flash disk.

Jeffrey W. Collyer
jwc3f at ...1995...

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