[Snort-users] eri* on Netra's

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On the Netras they are indeed eri interfaces.  From what docs I have found
these use the eri FastEthernet Device Driver.  Thanks for the tips I'll give
it a try.  Also found a couple more possible hints by broadening some of my
searches and by digging deeper into Suns documentation of the thing.  I'm
hoping to be done with it by the end of the day so that next week it can go
out and be stress tested on our network.

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Kevin Brown on Fri, May 04, 2001 at 10:25:57AM -0700:


> I can only configure eri0.  Solaris does not see the second interface and
> haven't found a way to stop-A the box from a serial session to see if I

last time I checked, hundred megabit ethernet was called hme. What kind
of Netra is this? Sending a break on a serial link should stop-a the box
unless you are running in locked mode. Check terminal program manual
(minicom would be ctrl-a-f, tip would be "~#")

> that end and searching the web didn't bring up any relevant hits.  Any
> ideas?

Try `ifconfig eri1 plumb` (if your NIC is really called eri, otherwise


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