[Snort-users] CVS changes in ACID

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Fri May 4 13:24:15 EDT 2001

I tar-ed up a check-out of the CVS code, 0.9.6b8, yesterday.
It contains a number of bug fixes and is a recommended upgrade
from 0.9.6b7.

A "db schema" is exactly what is sounds like.  It is the description
of the layout of a particular database.  Practically, the schema
is the tables, indexes, and their relationships. 

Since there now are so many different versions of Snort running,
schema versioning was introduced a little while back.  The most
current version is 101.  The most significant reason to upgrade
to at least version 100 is support for references and huge speed
increases in certain queries.  You can verify the schema you are
running by watching the output generated by Snort at startup,
or by checking the 'schema' table in the DB.  Databases which
are pre-schema version 100 (i.e. before there even existed the
notion of schemas) will not be able to be upgraded, but the
transition from 100->101 should be painless (actually the MySQL
schema for version 100 and 101 are identical, only the PostgreSQL
versions are different).


> Hi!
> I have ACID on an internal machine, version 0.9.6b7. I know that
> there are some bugs in that version that are already fixed in CVS.
> Are there patches floating around specific for those bugs or should
> I upgrade to the CVS version? Specifically, the bug where an action
> on an entire query won't work. Are there design changes which would
> prevent me from upgrading smoothly? (see below)
> And what is the "db schema"? Is it the organization of the tables on
> the SQL server? If yes, should I change the tables to this new schema
> manually or is there a script for it?
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