[Snort-users] IDScenter - windows GUI front end for Windows Snort

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Thu May 3 11:21:05 EDT 2001

Mine's taking 3 megs now....been up for about 45 minutes.  I'll keep an eye
on it.

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> This thing is cool!  For light duty and sites that are pretty
> much NT shops,
> this is a very nice program.  It has everything that Snort has with a
> full-featured GUI front end.  It allows for multiple alert
> options, simple
> setup (if you know snort already, I'm sure that helps).

Tried it only last week... but it seemed to have a memory leak, causing my
NT machine to slow down terribly.
Using snort.panel did work, therefore it can't be a problem of snort or the
rulesets, or the preprocessors...

Did anybody notice the same effect?

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