[Snort-users] snort behind firewall ??

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Wed May 2 11:28:20 EDT 2001

I'm trying an impromptu experiment.  I have a few servers behind a 3 NIC
ipchains box (one IF to Internet, DMZ, and experimental segment).  I have
snort running on the firewall and have added another snort box to listen on
the Internet side as well.  Therefore, both snort installations will be
listening on the same network segment via a hub. I probably won't get around
to trying several attacks, but I will be able to report if both boxes alert
on the same traffic.  Both boxes are running Snort 1.8 (same cvs ver) and
the same vision ruleset.

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OpenBSD 2.7 i386
IP Filter: v3.3.16
Snort Version 1.7

Default deny everything on xl1 (external NIC)

Running snort on xl1

Snort sees everything--I can actually see attacks reported by snort
in the alert file and then go find where IPF dropped the packet in
its log file.


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It is up in the air right now wether or not snort can see packets
the firewall drop them. It seems  it is system dependant. I would
to take a poll of who can snort through there firewall and who can't.
We'll need to know what kernal you are using, how it's configured,
firewall your using, how it's configures, and what os your using.

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