[Snort-users] Intro to Snort

Lance Spitzner lance at ...185...
Tue May 1 13:06:53 EDT 2001

On Tue, 1 May 2001, Neil Dickey wrote:

> Snort is an extremely good bit of IDS software, but I can't remember
> ever seeing a "Whoopeee, I caught the wretch" posting.  That seems to
> be a somewhat personal event -- largely, I expect, because publishing
> an account of a "successful" use of your IDS system would tell the
> whole world about your security arrangements in some detail.

For 'success' stories, I recommend you check out http://project.honeynet.org.
The Honeynet Project has been using snort for over a year now to track
the blackhat community.  Not only has it proven as an excellent IDS
system, but great sniffer functionality, such as session breakout.


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