[Snort-users] Clock Skew detected? Alpha, time Rift?

Chris N. chris.northrop at ...406...
Thu Mar 29 11:36:06 EST 2001


Recompiled snort now I'm getting a Time Skew error. Is
 this Like a rift in time? Is this why my time stamps are
 erratic, bouncing across time and space as we know it? 
 What happens if I inadvertently get sucked in? Can I 
meet up with myself at the age of 5 or even 60? What 
pearls of wisdom should I memorize just incase. 

I'm going to lookup some past lottery numbers.. 

I must stop this tear in the time continuum, or existence
 as we now it know will cease. The forces of good and
 evil are battling for supremacy, Buzz Light-year and his 
gang of misfits need your help. Lets stop this before all 
of use  are sucked into Oblivion.

Chris N.

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