[Snort-users] acid problem when deleting alerts

Roeland Weve roeland at ...1415...
Tue Mar 27 04:43:32 EST 2001

Something weird happening in acid.

I want to delete an alert (1226 records).
So, I go to the search section and type in the exact alert signature
(combo box has value exactly).
I leave the rest blank and press the button 'Query DB'.
At the bottom of the next page, I change the combo box 'action' to
'Delete Alert(s)' and then I press the 'Entire Query' button.
As I am pretty sure in previous versions if Acid, if I did this action,
all the rules were deleted. No I get an (red) error message 'Error
retrieving delete list'.
The other options to delete alerts are working good, but it is not fast
to delete a couple of thousands alerts with the options 'ALL on screen'
or 'selected'.

I hope this function will be back, because it was working good.
Or did I do something wrong in some acid files (actually I've only
changed the config file).


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