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	If possible, how about rotating the log every day so the alert file
doesn't grow too large?  Manipulation of large log files is a problem in a
firewall application that we all know and love *coughfirewall-1cough*, and
the solution is to do an fwlogswitch when it grows above about 30MB to 40MB.


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> Subject: [Snort-users] SnortSnarf performance
> Hi,
> I am using SnortSnarf-111500.1 to generate reports from 
> 'alert' produced by
> Snort. The problem is SnortSnarf takes too much memory and 
> time to produce
> the html once the alert file grows too large. I am running 
> SnortSnarf on a
> E220R (Dual UltraSparc-450MHz with 1GB RAM). I run SnortSnarf 
> every half an
> hour thru' cron but once the size of the alert file grows above 50 MB,
> snortsnarf takes more than half an hour to end so the html is 
> almost always
> unaccessible thru' the web server. How do i help the 
> reporting process? My
> alert file grows to >50MB in just a couple of days. This is 
> how i run snort,
> ./snort -D -de -C -i hme1 -l ../log -c ../conf/snort.conf
> TIA,
> Siddhartha
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