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On Sat, 24 Mar 2001 13:52:04 "Lotlikar, Sushant" wrote:
| hi every1,
| i just wanted to know wats the difference between an IDS like snort and a

An IDS looks at packets and alerts you.  An IDS looks for abuses
of certain applications, or of the TCP/IP protocol suite.  An IDS
can examine network traffic (like Snort), or examine system calls on
a host (like LIDS).

A Firewall looks at packets and blocks them.  A firewall deals
with allowing or disallowing certain services or applications to run
on a network.

They compliment each other: I want to allow DNS traffic, so
I setup my firewall to allow DNS, but I want to watch for people
trying to hack my DNS server, so I use an IDS to watch my DNS

A good firewall will run an IDS as well to protect itself, although
one that is less resource hungry than Snort.  Its not a good idea
to rely entirely on one product.  There is no magic bullet.

| thanx for help,

Well, now we get to finer definitions:  Under Firewall, do you understand
a packet filter, a proxy firewall, or both? :)

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