[Snort-users] Mail trouble

Martin Roesch roesch at ...1443...
Fri Mar 23 15:12:06 EST 2001

Hi everyone,
     FYI, my mail service is currently screwed up.  Due to my cable modem
provider (Adelphia) being a bunch of yahoos, my roesch at ...421...
account has been almost completely non-functional since Wednesday evening
and, according to them, will continue to be a complete mess until at least
tomorrow afternoon.  How Adelphia could take this long to perform a simple
mail server migration is beyond me.  Of course, it's hard to know how they
handle things over there since we never receive any notification of
impending outages nor are we offered any sort of data regarding resolution
of network problems.  One day everything works fine, the next day you
don't have email or DNS service.  Nice way to run a network, if I ever
worked at a company that ran its networks like that I'd have all the
admins drawn and quartered.  But that's just me.

Anyway, if anyone wants to send me email and actually have me receive it,
I'd recommend sending to my roesch at ...66... account, it seems to be
functional.  Thanks.


Martin Roesch
roesch at ...66... (temporarily)

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