[Snort-users] Revised log rollover script

___cliff rayman___ cliff at ...1366...
Thu Mar 22 17:00:09 EST 2001

is this for systems that are not equipped with logrotate?

logrotate is a nice program. it compresses, can stop and start
the service which is outputting to the log, allows any number
of rotations, e-mails the logs etc..  just add what you need to
logrotate.conf which has a simple syntax.  normally it is set in the cron
to run once daily.

i think it was originally written by redhat, but i'm pretty sure it
will work on variety of linux/bsd/unix platforms.

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Neil Dickey wrote:

> Gregor Binder very kindly made some suggestions to me for
> improving the script I posted to the list earlier.  It is
> hoped that the changes will make it easier for those less
> familiar with unix to configure and run the script, as all
> of the user-configurable parameters have been gathered
> together and identified near the top.
> I've tested it carefully, and the new version seems to work
> fine.  Please let me know if you find any bugs.

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