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Thu Mar 22 13:49:06 EST 2001

> Not being a DBA-type, what's the least painful method to incorporate the
> changes in the database schema for MySQL?  Should I whack the database
> entirely and rebuild it, or can I execute something from the command-line to
> incorporate the changes?

There are no migration scripts, so your best bet is merely to 
create another database instance with the new DDL.

> Also, Roman, before I do this, does ACID still work properly with the
> changed schema (less the newer features), or will doing so break ACID
> entirely?

Nothing will actually break in ACID if you use the new format, but
the tool won't be so useful.  In particular, all signature names
will come up as numbers.  I'll get to fixing ACID as soon as 

> Thanks.
> Frank
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> A patch to the database with the following functionality has been committed:
> + Support for the reference tag.  The database schema has been updated to
> store this information.  + Normalization of the signature name in the DB
> schema.  This change to the schema should speed up _many_ queries
> + Versioning information directly in the database schema
> ACID does not support any of these changes as of yet, but will do so in the
> near future.
> enjoy,
> Roman
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