[Snort-users] Sensor and Analyst console HW config

Subba Rao subba9 at ...530...
Wed Mar 21 11:06:39 EST 2001

On  0, John_Delisle at ...1523... wrote:
> From the way this reads, it sounds like you'd be using one snort box with 4
> nics, each connected to different dmz's, internet, internal etc?
> I've always avoided this type of setup because if the snort box was ever
> compromised it would give someone a backdoor into all dmz's, internal net,
> etc.
> Hello,
> I am planning to deploy a Snort IDS for a client of mine. The Internet
> connection is at 256K to their ISP. What kind of processor and memory would
> be
> recommended for a sensor with 4 NICs monitoring about 3 DMZs? There will be
> only one analysis system. What kind of processor and memory is required on
> this
> system?

Thanks for this suggestion. However, I would like to know the hardware configuration
for production uses of a single instance of Snort. I am sure it is being used in
production in some environments.


Subba Rao
subba9 at ...530...

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