[Snort-users] We're Doing Commercial Support for Snort!

Stuart Staniford stuart at ...155...
Wed Mar 21 14:10:07 EST 2001

Hi guys:

Just to let everyone know that Silicon Defense is now going to be providing
commercial support contracts for Snort.  

http://www.silicondefense.com/ for more info, 

or call  1-866-41-SNORT (1-866-417-6678) for sales

Basically, we've hired some extra folks, had them installing and
uninstalling and attacking and generally playing hard with snort, and now
they pretty much know what they're doing.  Behind them stands the rest of
us (Joey, Jim, Roel, me, etc) who've been working on Snort in different
ways for the last eighteen months (contributing various plugins and new
code and work on the rulesets).  Between all of us, we pretty much know
Snort inside out - both how the code works, and what the issues are with
using it on our own networks and client networks.

And so for those of you who work in environments were it's helpful to have
a commercial outfit supporting a product, we're here for you.  If you buy a
support contract we'll provide rapid response help with your Snort related
problems.  We really want to build a reputation for taking care of
customers, and so we'll give your problem our best shot (if you're ever
unhappy with our service, call me personally at the number below).  We've
upgraded our phone system to handle your calls, or we can take tickets off
email reports too.  We're working on web form submission for those
customers that prefer that.

For the rest of the community - we really hope this helps everyone.  The
deal is this: if we can make money from supporting Snort, then it will give
us more resources that we can plough back into the basic engineering of the
tool (at the moment we do it as a kind of side effect of our government
research business).  That will give us all a better product, which in turn
will increase the size of the Snort market, and in turn let us do still

If you have thoughts or questions on this, let us know what you think.  We
want to stay open to the community and do this in a way that folks feel
good about.  Marty's very pleased with the idea.  He said, "I can't think
of a better organization to handle technical support for Snort and its
related products," and "More than any other single commercial organization
they have been involved with Snort since its infancy and have been active
participants in user support, in developing new and interesting intrusion
detection techniques, and providing key insight into Snort design and
implementation.  I am truly excited at the prospect of Silicon Defense
providing formalized support solutions for the Snort and its related

We're excited!  Tell your friends!


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