[Snort-users] Re: 100Mbs cards for Linux

Jarno Huuskonen Jarno.Huuskonen at ...1627...
Wed Mar 21 11:16:18 EST 2001


> Could somebody please recommend (or provide experience) with what cards are
> good for snort when using a Linux 2.2 kernel?  
> I'd come across a reference a while back (I think it was on
> www.linhardware.com) that the Intel Pro 100 cards had problems at high data
> rates, but I just saw a post here saying that the Intel cards do very well
> and that the 3Com cards have problems.   I'm using both cards, but right now
> I'm using the 3Com for the sensor and the Intel for the control channel.
> Should I swap these?    

I've been using Intel eepro100 cards on few servers for a little over 1 year
now and I've had only one problem. The problem was a bug with the eepro100
driver (this was with kernel-2.2.12) but with newer drivers the cards have
worked fine. One of the servers is a www-proxy with about 3-6GB of traffic


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