[Snort-users] 100Mbit Ethernet cards for Linux

Joseph Nicholas Yarbrough nyarbrough at ...262...
Tue Mar 20 21:58:33 EST 2001

Here Here!
Intel EEPro/100 cards are the very very best. In fact, they are the only 
network card enabled by default in the linux kernel!

<insert disclaimer>

-Nick Yarbrough

On Wednesday 21 March 2001 09:19, Avleen Vig wrote:
> > HI
> >
> > Could somebody please recommend (or provide experience) with what cards
> > are good for snort when using a Linux 2.2 kernel?
> >
> > I'd come across a reference a while back (I think it was on
> > www.linhardware.com) that the Intel Pro 100 cards had problems at high
> > data rates, but I just saw a post here saying that the Intel cards do
> > very well and that the 3Com cards have problems.   I'm using both cards,
> > but right now I'm using the 3Com for the sensor and the Intel for the
> > control channel. Should I swap these?
> >
> >From both personal and professional experience I've deduced the following:
> 3Com unfortunately make very poor network card (but they make good hubs!).
> Intel make great network cards, especially the EtherExpress Pro's.
> I would always recommend Intel cards - they've yet to fail me on anything.
> High praise? Well deserved.
> *Disclaimer: The above does not mean that I personally endorse Intel
> network cards. They work very well for me but that deoesn't mean they will
> diffinetely work well for you! :)
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