[Snort-users] Tracing a packet [OT]

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Tue Mar 20 11:22:06 EST 2001

A bit of topic but anyway,
Some possible causes:
Do you have any of your firewalls configured as SYN gateway? If so, the
firewall will SYN/ACK the SYN...
Do the firewalls and/or routers have a lot to do and therefore lower
priority on icmp/udp? (or whatever you are tracing with)

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Tracing a packet going through 2 firewalls and 2 routers has a 5 seconds
After capturing the packet it seems that the TCP SYN and ACK happens in a
split second
but when 41 bytes of TDS data is pushed it takes about 5 seconds. Can anyone
help me troubleshoot this?



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