[Snort-users] SNORT on a firewall?

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Great!  How do I tell linux to pass the info from eth0 (outside world) to
eth1 (internal)?  How do I tell snort to only look at eth1?

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You can set up a bridge, so that all data comes in on one interface and is
checked /
blocked by IPChains, and the remaining data is passed on to another
interface where it
it checked by snort

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> So, how do I tell it to ignore the stuff that ipchains blocks.  I think I
> want to run it in non promiscuous mode?
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> Robert.Searle at ...1614... writes:
> > Hi,
> > I have snort running on my firewall.  The log directory contains
> > various pieces of information (I am still not sure what they all mean).
> Is
> > the information about things that went through ipchains (my Linux\RedHat
> 7.0
> > firewall) or is this a list of everything that hit my firewall?
> Are you running snort on the external interface or the interface used
> to talk to the firewalled hosts?  If snort is in promiscuous mode (
> default ), it should log everything sent ot the fire wall if running
> on external interface ( I *think* ipchains get applied after pcap has
> its way ) and it should see what goes through on the internal
> interface.
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