[Snort-users] CAT5 Twisted Pair 100Mbit Full-Duplex Ethernet Taps?

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Fri Mar 16 13:08:56 EST 2001

"Robinson, Ken" wrote:

> Excellent!   Thanks, you just cleared up a lot of concern and testing time.
> The more and more I get involved with Snort, the more impressive it becomes.
> (Well, I guess it was impressive before I got involved, I just didn't know
> it.  ;-)  )

No, actually it's you. :) 

The IDS market (and a lot of the InfoSec software world as a whole) has
been full of overpriced, half-functional, closed-source products for
some time, and is ripe for Total World Domination by community-developed
tools, IMNSHO I personally expect Snort, Nessus, IPF, and other
community-developed and supported apps to run the InfoSec "snake oil"
salesmen out of town in the next few years, much in the way that Apache,
Bind, and Sendmail are dominating other application areas.



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